The Ravens Call

The Ravens Call
From the darkest reassess of existence you are called.

From the darkest reassess of existence your true name is called. Fate has marked you. A raven calls three times and a cold chill runs down your spine. The urge to get out of your community pulls at your heart strings. An urge to adventure and see the world pushes you to do the unthinkable. Moments later you find yourself in front of a recruiter signing your soul away.

The itch for adventure seems to be subdued as your mind is slowly letting the fact sink in what you have just done. Full realization does not kick in until the brown rounds begin screaming at you and quickly user you off the bus. By the end of your training period you have accepted the fact that you need to at least complete your contract. The chances of being deployed are not as high as they used to be. You never know, this might of been a good choice. 


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